Experimental Steyr Scouts

The photographs below are of some prototype Steyr Scout stocks.

These are experimental prototypes and are NOT currently available, nor is there any potential availability date for them so please do not request further information from Steyr Mannlicher!

Please note that there are 7 moderately large jpg files on this page to provide good quality pictures. They may take a while to download if you have a slow connection, (MS FrontPage says 52 seconds at 28.8) but it is worth the wait. This page and subsequent pages are best viewed full screen at a screen resolution of 800 x 600 and 256 or higher color level.

Experimental Steyr rifle (16k jpg)

Prototype sniper rifle built on the Steyr Scout base.
Features a 24" semi-heavy barrel (standard contour under the handguard but heavier forward),
a rounded bolt knob, 10 round magazine kit, and weighs about 8.8 pounds with 2 loaded magazines.
This is the prototype for the "Tactical Elite" heavy barrel model that was shown at the SHOT Show
in the US in 2000.  .

Brown Camo Steyr Scout (14k jpg)

Leaf pattern camouflage


Tan camo Steyr Scout (13k jpg)

Light brush camouflage


White camo Steyr Scout (15k jpg)

Winter camouflage


Dark camo pattern stock (18k jpg)

Dark brush camouflage

green stock (10k jpg)

Green colored stock


Standard stock with "wood" inserts (10k jpg)

Standard stock with "wood" insert panels. (These are available.)

Photographs copyright 1999 by Luis Pat Erno (Steyr)

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