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While this site is devoted to the Steyr Scout Rifle, this page gives some basic information on some other interesting Steyr products.  I can supply no further information on them.

Steyr 50 HS Long Range Rifle.

This is a single shot, .50 BMG caliber, bolt action, with a 33 inch, 1:15 twist, 4 groove, fluted barrel. The rifle has Steyr designed muzzle brake, an adjustable cheek piece, and a butt that is adjustable for both length and height. It has a 2-lug bolt, STANAG 1913 rail, and a two stage trigger, factory set at 4 pounds. It weighs in at 28.5 pounds (a little less for the .460) and has an overall length of 54 inches. The rifle breaks down into two components for cleaning or transport. The result is a compact, 36" long, package. The scope remains on the action after disassembly. (I think this will screw up return to zero.) An adjustable, 3-position, bipod is included as a standard item. About $4,000.00. 

It is also available in the 460 Steyr, also called the 11.65 X 90.50 which is based on the .50 BMG round shortened and necked to .458" to circumvent "no military calibers."  Ballistics are 600 gr at 2820+.


iws 2000 "rifle"

IWS 2000 Long Range Interdiction Weapon System

This 40 pound, 6 foot long, recoil operated semi-automatic "rifle" fires a 15.2mm APFSDS round (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) that is also called the 15.2 x 130. Designed to destroy enemy equipment like parked aircraft at very long range. It can be broken into two groups for easier transport. and is fitted with a massive muzzle break and a 5 rd magazine.  Rumors of experimentation with it by sniper and special operations units worldwide abound including US spec-ops, the South Koreans, Taiwanese, Israelis, Australians, and South Africans.  Great fun to shoot!

It fires a 308 gr tungsten finned penetrator at about 4750 f/s that will penetrate almost 2" of armor at 1000 meters. Also in my notes is a tid-bit about a variation that was played with that utilized a fire control system like the Abrams tank. Lase the target and the system ranges, checks wind and gun parameters, and adjusts the sights. You just put the dot on the target and squeeze.




This 5.56 mm bullpup battle carbine is noted for its quick configuration change ability by swapping barrels.  Available are a 14" SMG, 14" carbine, 20" rifle, and 24" LMG barrels.  The AUG can also be set up for right or left handed shooter, and takes 30 or 42 rd magazines.  It has a cast aluminum receiver, polymer furniture, and a low magnification optical sighting system with back-up iron sights.



M-A1 Pistol

This successor to to the polymer framed Model M features a mounting rail.  While unusual looking, it is very comfortable in the hand and its low barrel to grip height gives very little muzzle flip.  It weighs about 26 oz, has a 4" barrel, and is available in 9 mm Parabellum, .357 SIG, and .40 S&W.  There are rumors of a .45 ACP or .45 GAP version, but given Steyr's previous lack of concern for the US sporting market I wouldn't hold my breath.  I'm not a big fan of "combat tupperware" but this is a very nice pistol and I wouldn't complain if I found one under the Christmas tree.


The CISM is a hybrid target rifle based upon the SBS Tactical action, suitable for ISU/CIT/CISM and NRA 300 meter target shooting. It has been discontinued for about 10 years but is still used by Austrian SWAT teams and in competition.  Made primarily for the Swiss market it was initially available only in 7.5 mm Swiss but it was also made in 7.62 x 51 (.308 Win).  It has a  23.6 inch heavy barrel in 7.5 mm Swiss and a 19.7" barrel in .308, an adjustable cheek piece and butt plate, a laminated-wood stock, large bolt knob, and is fitted with a forearm rail with hand stop. It has recently appeared on the used gun market in the US.

NOTE: The rifle uses standard 10 round SBS magazines of the appropriate caliber.


While not actually firearms related Steyr makes a very nice line of knives. 
The entire line is viewable at the "Store" link on the Steyr factory website at http://www.steyr-mannlicher.com/fcb/index.php?id=135&L=1  The knife above
is their "Scout Comfort" model.  


When GSI imported the Scouts they produced a limited edition "Steyr Scout" knife which is no longer available.  The were offered for the first 350 serial numbers (which ran in the range of  SC1000004 through SC1000894).

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