The Steyr Scout in Kosovo

The Steyr Scout has been seen in use in the Kosovo conflict. While not much detail is known, it is believed that there are between 30 and 50 Steyr Scouts in circulation. They are known to be, for the most part, privately owned (or at least furnished) and are being used as light sniper rifles. They have been seen fitted with both the forward mount scout scope and conventional optics and are apparently holding up well.

This page contains photographs of the Steyr Scout in use in the Kosovo conflict. The files are fairly large so the page may load slowly. MS FrontPage says 87 seconds at 28.8.



The picture above is cropped from an original picture
published in the October 15 issue of USA Today, page 10A.
The photo is copyrighted by AP and is credited to Enrico Marti.

The original caption was: "In central Kosovo: Kosovo Liberation Army fighters move
to a new position Wednesday. Though a U.S.-brokered peace deal says Serb forces
must withdraw from Kosovo province or return to their bases, Serb soldiers are staying put.

Cooper Steyr Scout in Kosovo (21k jpg)

Another Steyr Scout in Kosovo.
Note the Jeff Cooper logo stock insert.
This does not appear to be the same person as in the top photo.
This photo appeared in the February, 1999 issue of SOF in the article
"The UCK Stops Here--Kosovo's Uncompromising Liberation Army" by Don North.

Stery Scout with KLA troops (86k jpg}

The photo comes from the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, #23 for 1999 (07 June).
It appears to be fitted with a "standard" type sling. The retangular piece on the side of
the stock is another sling swivel.

The photo appeared in an article titled "The Bitter Peace."
The caption read "KLO fighters in Albania: "We will chase away the Russians." "
The photo credit was to B. Slatensek/Sygma

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