Lubricating The Steyr Scout

Most folks use far too much lube when lubricating their firearms.  The following explains the proper lubrication of the Steyr Scout and other SBS based Steyr rifles.

While there are all kinds of lubricants out there I  highly recommend either SLIP EWL oil and EWG grease, or Mil-Comm's TW25B (both the grease and the aerosol), or  for the Steyr Scout and all Steyr SBS based rifles.  You can get them directly from them via their on-line stores or Brownells also carries it.  

The most important things to remember are

Bolt Internals
Disassemble the bolt and the internal parts (do not remove the lug assembly from the firing pin).  Clean and degrease.  Lightly spray all parts with the aerosol TW25B and allow to dry (about 1 hour or so).  Assemble, placing a very small amount of the grease on the tip bearing ring, body, caming tips, sides of the lug, and the lug tail ring.


Placing a very small amount of the grease on all the  bearing surfaces of the cam.


Bolt Body
Clean and degrease.  Lightly lube all parts, including the opening in the handle casting with the grease.  Place a very small amount of the grease on the small cam lug on the handle casting, the sides of the long slot on the body, and the cam areas of the bolt lugs.


Place a small amount of grease on the end of the casting and if you did not use the aerosol place a very light coating of grease inside the casting as indicated.


Bolt Shroud
Clean and degrease.  Lightly coat all external and internal surfaces oil.  Place a very small amount of the grease on the bearing rings, the lugs and the sides of the slot and inside the main hole of the shroud.


Receiver Bolt Raceway
Clean and degrease.  Lightly lube with either oil or grease all around the receiver ring, the wear points indicated and the guide inside the receiver.  Reassemble the rifle.

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Updated 2014-05-05