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General Information and Specifications

These pages deal strictly with information on the Steyr Scout Rifle. It was originally unveiled September 24-25, 1997 and the subsequent Fourth Scout Rifle Conference. The Scout was also extensively handled and shot at the Gunsite Reunion/Theodore Roosevelt Memorial held October 16 - 19, 1997 at the NRA Whittington Center, again with overwhelmingly favorable comments.

It was first shown to the general public in the US at the 1998 SHOT Show which was held January 27-30, in Las Vegas, NV. Jeff Cooper was presented with a specially finished rifle at the SHOT Show. 

The production of the Steyr Scout Rifle is the culmination of almost seven years of effort between Jeff Cooper and the Steyr Mannlicher company. Until now, the acquisition of a true scout rifle required custom gunsmithing, and a long wait. With the debut of the Steyr Scout a high quality "ready to go out of the box" true scout rifle of is now available to those who appreciate its advantages.

For a brief history of the Steyr Mannlicher company you can click here.

The Steyr Mannlicher Logo is the trademark of Steyr Mannlicher AG and is used with their permission.

Steyr Scout logo on receiver (14k jpg)

Rifle w/bipod open (11k jpg)

Rifle w/bipod closed (8k jpg)

"Steyr Scout" logo on receiver copyright 1997 by John Schaefer
Rifle with bipod open copyright 1997 by John Schaefer
Rifle with bipod closed copyright 1997 by Luis Pat Erno (Steyr).

Original Specifications for the Steyr Scout SBS 96 L

Action: Steyr SBS (Safe Bolt System) with 70 degree bolt lift. Bolt has dirt/ice grooves.
Safety: Tang mounted 3-position with "Locked safe" (bolt locked), "Loading" (bolt moveable), and "Fire." Firing pin may also be blocked by pushing bolt handle down when safety is in locked-safe position ("Double Locked" Safe).
Caliber: 7.62 x 51 NATO (.308 Winchester), 7 mm-08, .243 Winchester, 5.56 x 45 mm.   (.223 Remington  and.376 Steyr (9.55 x 60 mm) have been discontinued in Scout models)
Weight: 7 pounds (3.2 kg) with scope, mount,sling, and 2 empty 5 round magazines (7.62 mm and other calibers) 7.9 pounds in .376
OAL: 39.57 inches (1.01 meters) with 2 butt stock spacers; 40.57 inches (1.03 meters) in .376 Steyr
Barrel: 19 inches (48.25 cm) hammer forged and fluted with 1-12" twist (1-30.5 cm) in .308 (with a limited run of 1:10*) and .376, 1:10 (1-25.4 cm) in 7mm-08 and .243, and 1:9 (1-22.8 cm) in .223.  Available with a stainless steel barrel as an option.
Stock: Textured matte finished gray Zytel with black panel inserts and integral bipod for 7.62 mm and 7 mm - 08. Black for .376 and Tactical Scout.
Length of pull: Adjustable 12.6 to 16 inches (32 to 40 cm) using .45 inch spacers. Length with 2 spacers (furnished) 13.6 inches (35cm).
Trigger: Adjustable 2.0 to 4.5 pounds (.9 to 2.0 kg) Factory set at 3.5 pounds (1.6kg)
Magazine: Detachable, black synthetic "Grivory" 5-round (4-round in .376) box magazine (2 furnished) with 2-position detent allowing single loading or magazine feed.
Sights: Leupold M8 2 power IER Scout Scope (Matte finish) with heavy duplex reticle and Steyr rings for "package" rifles.  Built-in folding reserve iron sights. Line of sight height with the Steyr low mounts (Scout Scope) is 1.4" and for the high mounts it is 1.85".
Scope Mounting System: "Picatinny like" rail to accommodate standard Weaver type mounts for intermediate eye relief and standard telescopic sights, as well as special purpose optics. Not a true Picatinny spec.
Additional Features: 1" Black leather "Ching Sling" with detachable 3-position flush mounts (Millett type), butt stock cleaning kit storage space, UIT* standard mounting rail under forearm.
Suggested retail price: $2699 for .308 Jeff Cooper package (Jeff Cooper logo on right rear stock insert--see photo below) or the standard package, scope, mount, sling and swivels, 2 5-round magazines, manual, and hard case). $2099 without scope or mounts; $2199 with camo stock and no scope or mounts.

* - The factory at one time claimed they were going to go to 1:10 in the .308, based in part on my recommendations and testing.  The "bean counters" prevailed and other than a brief run of barrels, which made it through the standard production line unannounced, only the "Swiss variant" was 1 1:10 factory barrel.

Available models and accessories (08/16):


Stock Number
.223 Rem, Black 26.046.3B0
.243 Win, Black 26.286.3B0
7 mm-08, Black 26.366.3B0
.308 Win, Black 26.346.3B
.223 Rem, Mud 26.046.3M
.243 Win, Mud 26.286.3M
.308 Win, Black 26.346.3M
.223 Rem, Green 26.046.3E
.243 Win, Green 26.286.3E
.308 Win, Green 26.346.3E
HC-adapter kit grey 2614050600
HC-adapter kit black 2614050601
10 rd magazine (.243, 7 mm-08, .308) 2607050604
8 rd magazine (.376 Steyr) 2607050505
5 rd magazine (.243, 7 mm-08, .308) 2614050602
5 rd magazine (.223) 2614050604
4 rd magazine (.376 Steyr) 2614050502
Ching Sling 2614090401
Cartridge carrier kit (5 rd) 2614060670
Butt spacer 2614060007
Soft butt plate 2614060038
Simulated walnut stock insert 2614060651
Aluminum case 3990413
Cheek piece and butt plate complete (Elite) 2614060690
Conversion kit cheek piece 2614060691
Conversion kit butt plate 2614060692
Sling swivel (Millett) 2600060022

Miscellaneous Accessories
(I don't have the part numbers)

Scout cam sleeve new style  
Scout firing pin spring  
Scout firing pin   
Scout extractor  
Scout extractor spring  
Scout ejector  
Scout ejector spring  
Scout bolt tool  

For magazine prices check website.

* UIT (Union Internationale de Tir, aka International Shooting Union) now known as the ISSF (International Shooting Sport federation) is the governing body of the International Amateur Shooting Sports at international and world-wide levels of competition, including World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Steyr Mannlicher reserves the right to change specifications at any time.

Butt pad and spacers (3k jpg)

10rd magazine shroud (10k jpg)

Tang safety (10k jpg)

Butt stock spacers

10 round magazine with shroud

Tang mounted safety

Leupold scope in Steyr mounts (9k jpg)

Reserve front sight (4k jpg)Reserve rear sight (4k jpg)

Butt well and spare mag (12k jpg)

Leupold Scout Scope in Steyr mount

Reserve folding iron sights

Butt stock magazine well

UIT accessory rail (12k jpg) 3rd 100yd group (7k jpg) 5rd cartridge carrier (13k jpg)

UIT attachment rail

Typical 3-shot group at 100 yds
(Federal 168gr Match)

5 round cartridge carrier

Steyr Scout marked Benchmade knife w/ matching serial number
 offered to purchasers of the first Jeff Cooper packages.


"JC" stock logo (8k jpg)

Jeff Cooper Logo stock insert on right side of butt

All photographs copyright 1997 by John Schaefer

The Steyr Scout Tactical Rifle

The Steyr Scout is also available in what is being referred to as a "Tactical" version. This rifle is sold without the scope and features a black stock, a black finished bolt, and an oversized bolt handle. It is primarily aimed at the police market but sales are not restricted. For more information on the Tactical Rifle you can click here.

The Big Bore Scout

As visitors to this site have known, Steyr has been working on a "big bore" version of the Scout for some time now. The Big Bore Scout and its .376 Steyr cartridge was officially unveiled at the 1999 SHOT Show in Atlanta and is now available. You can click here to see the latest information.

The .223 Scout  

Steyr recently announced a .223 Remington (5.56 x 45 mm) version of their Scout Rifle. Because of its diminutive cartridge it is fast becoming known as the "Cub Scout" probably to the chagrin of the marketing folks. It should make a handy rifle for those who's main shooting is at varmints and small game. 

You can click here to see the latest information.

The Steyr Scout Rifle is produced by:

Steyr Mannlicher, AG
P.O.B. 1000
Mannlicherstrasse 1
A-4400 Steyr, Austria

Imported in the US exclusively through:


Steyr Arms, Inc.
2530 Morgan Road
Bessemer, AL 35022
fax 205-417-8647

Email contacts:

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